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Vegetarian dishes or those that can be modified are marked V
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V Artichoke Torta
with mushrooms and mozzarella

V Pasta with Broccoli
broccoli pesto with garlic and olive oil

  Grilled Duck with Figs
  duck in Port - mascarpone stuffed figs

Scallops Florentine
on a bed of spinach, Mornay sauce

Linguini with Fresh Clams
baby clams,  white wine and olive oil 

Baked Red Snapper
stuffed, topped with crisp bread crumbs

   Calamares Romano
    fried squid in a crisp golden batter

V Fettuccine with Morels
butter, cream and grated parmesan

   Roast Leg of Lamb
   spring lamb on a bed of bulgar wheat

  Moules à la Marinière
               mussels in white wine

 V Pasta Primavera
              pasta with spring vegetables

      Steak au Poivre
        top sirloin in black pepper sauce




V Purée of Summer Squash
mascarpone stuffed zucchini blossoms

V Risotto Milanese 
chicken broth, saffron and parmesan

  V Salade Caribe
   grilled marlin, peppers, peas and rice

V Cream of Fennel
with a dollop of Pernod-flavored cream

Paëlla Barcelonetta
chicken, chorizo, seafood, saffron

V Salade Niçoise
   tuna, green beans, potatoes, olives

 V Soupe à l'ognion
onion soup with bubbling Swiss cheese

  V Riz Sauvage
          wild rice with aromatics

 V Avocado and Grapefruit
                   on a bed of watercress


Desserts V

Chocolate Raspberry Bombe
with framboise marinated raspberries and chocolate truffles

Blueberry Pie
with cream cheese filling

Key Lime Pie a la Conch
           a custard pie with meringue

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