Routeless: Walk the Heart of Britain

Author's Note

When I began the second stage of my off and ongoing quest to tramp the globe this book was entitled From Edinburgh to Istanbul: World's Longest Pub-crawl. Little did I know then that my ambition might exceed my ability. But after slogging three hundred miles through bogs on the Pennine Way I was certain: There was a lot less walking and far more crawling.

    Ever game, though somewhat lame, with sights set slightly lower I decided on a new goal. And a new title: From the Pennines to the Apennines.

    Along the Staffordshire Way it became painfully clear that my sights were still too high. So on the Heart-of-England Way, with both barrels dragging deep in the dust I borrowed Marty Feldman's line from Young Frankenstein. The book was re-titled Walk This Way.

    On the Cotswold Way my infirmities and outlook improved so much that the title had become You're Never Too Old: to Take a Hike.

    Neither that name nor my miraculous recovery lasted long. For after stumbling across the Salisbury Plain past the mysterious White Horses, Avebury and Stonehenge, then hobbling south down to Portsmouth, my feet felt like stone, my knees were unhinged, and the title had been shortened to Take a Hike!

    By now it's clear that this is not a guidebook. Neither is it a typical travel book. That is not to say it won't provide the usual how-to, where-to, when-to and why-to information to help you find your way. It's just that as I had to you must search hard to find it. But that's what true adventure is all about. . .

Isn't it?

            Chapter 1.  My Kinkdom for a Map

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The Pennine Way

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